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So Why Lead?

 Lead sheet is indisputably one of the great building materials.  For centuries it has been used to cover the roofs of cathedrals, churches and public buildings and there are countless other applications of lead sheet on houses and offices throughout the United Kingdom.

Environmental Qualities

Lead is 100% recyclable time and time again - over 95% of lead sheet product is reclaimed and

recycled at the end of the building's life.

Over 1,000,000 tonnes of lead have been used in roofing alone in the last 10 years.

All reclaimed lead sheet is recycled into new products without loss of performance.

Life cycle analysis shows proven superior environmental profile compared with any suggested alternative.

Proven longevity of product over centuries of use.

No substitute provides the same performance. 

Recycling requires low energy and supports the Kyoto protocol.

Recycling involves no solvents and supports environmental strategies.

There is no harmful by-product from recycling lead - only lead.

When fitted by specialists it is aesthetically pleasing as well as economically satisfying.


When detailed and fitted correctly, lead sheet has proved to be an extremely reliable, long life material, with outstanding durability even in the most severe weather conditions.  Lead sheet is not only ideally suited for the renewal of roof coverings on old and historic buildings, it is also the perfect material for modern roofing and cladding applications.

It remains a popular material for flashing and weathering applications, where it can be easily cut and fitted using only a few simple hand tools.  Its extreme maleability makes it the ideal material for dressing over complicated shapes, particularly the multi-curved contours of many roofing tiles.


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